Using Everyday Objects as Weapons

Waking up with the smell of coffee brewing in the morning can feel like magic, and if you are ever attacked while pouring or drinking your cup of joe, take the knowledge that it can make an excellent weapon. Smash the pot or throw the hot coffee from your mug into your attacker’s face.

The blunt force will stun him, and the scalding hot coffee will make him wish he stayed home.

In Krav Maga, we include lessons on common objects for self-defense. Shield type objects such as a chair or briefcase can be used to protect you from a weapon or fist trying to hit you. Cutting objects such as a knife or open bottle can be used to deter the attacker. Strike in 5 main directions – upward, downward, to the left, to the right straight strike and naturally all variations and angles/diagonals. Small objects, liquids, and sand can be used to distract the attacker. Make sure you aim for the eyes.

What are some other everyday items that you can use? Here are a few ideas.

Fire extinguisher – Spray the assailant in the face to temporarily distract him and while he’s figuring out what is happening, hit him with it to subdue.

Keys – Hold the keys in your hand, so their points are coming out between the fingers of your fist. Proceed to punch your attacker in vulnerable parts of the body like the face and throat.

Flashlight – Shine the bright light of a high-powered flashlight in your attacker’s eyes then strike the face with the bezel as hard as you can.

Smartphone – Grasp your smartphone in your hand and strike vulnerable parts of the body like eyes, nose, and neck. Use it to call 911.

Whether you are at the office, home, or out on the town, everyday items can turn into weapons all around you. Look around you, should you find yourself facing a threat, what will you grab to help win the fight and get to safety?