Krav Maga: the optimal self-defense for women

While there are many self-defense systems and devices available, we find that Krav Maga offers the optimal solution to women’s safety concerns. Krav Maga developed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli military and later adapted for civilians in the 1960’s due to its reality-based approach to dealing with violent attacks. This hand to hand combat system has proven time and again to save people’s lives in dangerous situations.

Krav Maga training includes high-stress, every-day, every-second-counts altercations. To get help, you must first be able to call for it or get someone’s attention that understands and is willing to help. Krav Maga teaches and gives tools to get out of a situation safely, de-escalate if possible, and fight to a safe place when necessary. Understanding the concept of attacking vulnerable body part with utmost speed and efficiency, helps overcome the factor that the assailant is most likely much bigger and stronger.

Krav Maga breaks a stereotype that a woman is the weaker sex that needs to be protected by a man. Unfortunately, even in modern days, the stigma of a weak woman waiting for rescue is perpetrated by print and media, and girls are growing up dreaming of being Cinderella or Belle, and less of a Wonder Woman or Lara Croft. Krav Maga teaches women to break that mold, to discover a fighter within themselves and not project weakness to the outside world.

One of the fundamental Krav Maga strikes a kick to the groin. Many traditional martial arts outlaws this kick and people train their brains not to treat groin as a target. However, it is painful and both shocking to a male attacker. And when a victim strikes the attackers groin, the pain and shock can be disorienting affording her time to escape or deliver further attacks. Other vulnerable parts are eyes, which are again outlawed in traditional martial arts. A victim may choose to throw rocks and sand to the eyes from a distance or strike the eyes with her fingers if the attacker is close.

Another significant advantage of Krav Maga over traditional self-defense systems is that it works for everyone regardless of their fitness level, weight, or size. Anyone can gauge eyes, throats and kick groins. A person does not require to be kickboxing or Muay Thai champion to deliver a compelling strike if the target is chosen correctly. While all of the martial arts train their practitioners to strike major muscle groups that do minimal damage to the attacker, in contrast, Krav Maga prepares you to do maximum damage in minimum time to escape to safety as soon as possible.