Awareness, Intuition and Body Language: your primary self-defense tools

Undeniable, women are constant targets of sexual predators. Statistics of sexual assaults on women are alarming; one out of five women become a rape victim in their lifetime. Less than forty percent of these rapes get reported to police. Thus, allowing the offenders to perpetrate their crimes over and over.

First and foremost, Krav Maga puts a big emphasis on prevention. It teaches students the importance of awareness and listening to our inner alarm, that sense of foreboding: intuition! Being aware and reacting to “a funny feeling that something is off” can help avoid potentially dangerous situations.

It is better to err on the side of caution and avoid danger. These simple examples of safe behavioral patterns can help minimize chances of assault:

  • Cross a deserted street when a stranger is approaching
  • Don’t get into an elevator with unknown and suspicious persons
  • Don’t open house doors to delivery personnel without verifying credentials
  • Ask a friend, co-worker, or security guard to accompany you to your vehicle in a deserted garage
  • Don’t leave a drink unattended
  • Get a hiking/running buddy

The desire to control drives many rapists and is often stronger than their sexual urges. They will look for a vulnerable victim that they can master. Body language is a significant factor. Casting eyes downward, appearing meek and passive, dragging feet, fearful expression, slumped posture are all signs of someone that may be insecure.

When a woman is confident in her stride, aware of her surroundings and walks with purpose, she is less attractive to a sexual predator.

Since female high-school and college students are the most common victims of sexual assaults, we strongly recommend that parents educate girls and young women on these essential survival skills.