“Timeline” is a word that you will hear repeated in our Krav Maga classes. It includes the readiness of your mental and physical state, but often it also relates to the distance of the danger and the options that you may have.

Can you avoid it? Often when danger is close our sixth sense kicks in and warns us that something is not quite right, it is essential to listen to and find an alternate route to avoid the situation entirely.

Can you run away? In June 2017, Denver police arrested a shirtless man chasing people and hitting them with a plastic pole. While this is an extreme and unusual case, it can happen, and proper training will help you deal with the situation. If you were on the street where a man started to pursue, would you be able to run away? Making sure not to freeze, looking for escape routes and searching for common objects that can be used to protect against or deter is essential.

Do you have to stay and fight? If you spot the danger too late or perhaps you have a significant person with you, it may be necessary to fight. Even then, decisions are needed on a proper attack or counter attack. Are you within kicking distance, is the assailant within arm’s length and can grab, punch, or stab? Does the assailant have you in a choke or other type of hold where you must fight back with elbow and knees because kicks and punches are not as effective at this stage of the timeline?

These are just a few questions and scenarios that we train. Proper Self-defense training will include a possible timeline of assault and distance to help in decision-making and the ability to protect oneself.