Kids Krav Maga – Perfect After School Activity

Growing up 20 years ago had more time playing outside with friends and outdoor activities. Technology has improved much over the years, and now it seems that kids prefer to spend their time in front of their TV/smartphone or video game.

Parents must be on the lookout for activities that will engage their kids away from their technological devices and into a more active and learning environment. Kids Krav Maga is a must do on the list of activities.

Just like dance and sports, your child builds confidence, coordination, and a competitive spirit. You will see them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, but Kids Krav Maga also gives them other necessary life-saving skills.

Kids Krav Maga helps kids develop awareness and practices skills to be safe from a variety of dangers, including abduction, bullying, and physical attacks. Because they are younger and smaller, kids can be more vulnerable to adults and other kids.

Krav Maga main purpose is to protect yourself, not to hurt another. These principles are present as they learn to take hits, face fears, and fight back with everything they have against any physical or verbal threat or attack. Games and drills help build their strength, confidence, and awareness in a fun and safe learning environment.

As a stand-alone activity, your child should be attending up to three classes a week. Participating in other physical sports, then ideally your child should attend classes 2x a week to keep a good pace for learning techniques and make sufficient progress for rank promotions. If time does not permit, the occasional seminar or weekly class will help in developing a self-defense anti-bullying mindset.