For us, it is easy to know why we practice and teach Krav Maga. Our instructor team believes that Krav Maga is the #1 system in the world for self-defense. It is practical, easy to learn, can save your life and oh yes, for everyone! Regardless of age, size, abilities, and limitations; everyone is entitled and able to stand up for themselves and defend against verbal or physical attacks.

There is much to learn but it is performed in a fun and safe environment under realistic and stressful situations. No two classes are the same but always keeping in mind the countless ways of assaults. They can happen in various settings, and a practitioner must always be prepared and willing to adapt or as our head instructor of KRAVolution often says “Deal With It.”

Krav Maga techniques are easy to learn, but what makes them work is the ability for the student to develop tactical and assessment skills that will result in the ability to act quickly and decisively against a dangerous situation. Beginning with awareness, practicing prevention, attacking preemptively, and ending with defending against a variety of physical attacks; Krav Maga will give the student essential life-saving skills along with improving confidence, and fitness.

Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.

— Rorion Gracie